about trophees

TROPHÉES  la femme est prisonnière de son image, victime des clichés sur la féminité. J’ai choisi d’exacerber ces clichés, une bouche qui déborde, un brushing surdimensionné, une extreme douceur, une apparente docilité. La femme idéale est figée, hors d'état de nuire. Cependant, sur certaines images on peut sentir une résistance, un dérapage imminent. 

In TROPHIES, the woman is a trophy on the wall. She becomes the tableau itself, the object hooked. What interested me in this work is to show the woman prisonner of her image, victim of stereotypes. I chose to exacerbate these clichés, a mouth that goes beyond, a brushing oversized, one extreme softness, apparent docility. «Be beautiful and shut up» The ideal woman is frozen, cannot damage any more. However on some images you can feel a resistance, an imminent revolt. There is a fascination for beauty, unattainable beauty that people capture and make harmless, but also a fascination with death, as a trophy in his peaceful and mystical appearance, immediately evokes violence and death. Through this work, I question my own femininity and my identity as a woman in the society. It is also about the obsession of the artist to show his work, on the wall, obsession that can lead to its loss.

Corinne Mariaud 2013

-Scope Miami Art Fair, december 2015, MicheleMariaud Gallerie, NYC, USA

- Fotofever 2015, Galerie Annie Gabrielli, France

- Soloshow , "Je ne suis pas un homme" mai 2014, Galerie Annie Gabrielli, Montpellier , France

- Fotofever 2013, Paris, MicheleMariaud Gallerie, NYC, USA